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Below is a general summary of the range of engineering programs and

types of equipment which Colin Poat is familiar with or has knowledge of:



 Specialist Software Knowledge 

  • Knowledge of Makai Plan for cable route engineering applications
  • CodaOctopus and similar sidescan sonar/subbottom acquisition and interpretation packages
  • SeaSpy and similar magnetometer acquisition and interpretation software
  • Applied geodetic programs e.g. Blue Marble and proprietary software packages
  • Knowledge of MicroMax seismic QC processing software
         Equipment Experience 
  • Familiar with 2D High Resolution Seismic and 2D Ultra High Resolution Seismic acquisition systems, QC and data processing methods 
  • Familiar with most types of bathymetry, sidescan sonar and sub-bottom profiler equipment
  • Familiar with most types of marine magnetometer operations for hazard and UXO detection 
  • Experienced in numerous types of terrestrial and marine geotechnical sampling techniques; grab, gravity/piston cores, vibrocores, CPT's, PCPT's, API WISON/WIP, Geobor S and PQ drilling, geotechnical and geological logging/testing to approved international standards 
  • Familiar with marine resistivity and refraction techniques for burial assessment works (cable/pipeline) 
  • Experience of pipeline installation dredging and ploughing construction works (e.g. PL2) 
  • Experience of cable burial operations (e.g. Modus CT2 PLIB jetting tool) and cable detection using TSS (TSS 340, 440 and 350) and Innovatum systems 
  • Knowledge of Pangeo Sub-Bottom Imager cable/pipeline depth of burial system 
  • Experience of cable route Pre Lay Grapnel Run and Route Clearance operations 
  • Experience of shallow water Fibre Optic cable repair operations 
  • Experience of pre-lay and post-lay rock placement operations using fall pipe vessels 
  • Experience of Inter-Tidal-Zone cable burial operations 
  • Experience of Mass Flow Excavation (MFE) techniques for cable burial operations 
  • Experience of cable burial operations using T750 and i-Trencher type ROVs 
  • Experience of acoustic backscatter operations for fisheries habitat mapping and characterisation 
  • Experience of oceanographic profiling and water sampling, ADCPs and Ice Profiling Sonars

























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