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Subsea Telecommunications and HVDC/HVAC power cable sectors, Cable Route Engineering


Cable Route Engineering Skills and Burial Assessment 


Colin Poat has wide experience of geo-survey and geotechnical techniques used in cable route engineering design and burial assessment.  As a highly qualified surveyor, engineering geophysicist and geotechnical engineer he has had extensive exposure to the wide range of potential burial equipment on the market; its capabilities and limitations.  Experience over the years has been gained by working alongside colleagues at BT Marine, Cable and Wireless Marine, Global Marine Systems, TE SubCom, Alcatel-Lucent, Huawei Marine Networks, Red Penguin Associates, ABB, BICC amongst others.  Cable route engineering experience including substantive elements of burial feasibility assessment has been gained by working on such cable projects as; SMPCS2, ACS, Nemo Link HVDC, BT Highland and Islands, NorNed HVDC, Celtic Array, BritNed HVDC, Silphium, East-West Interconnector HVDC, EIG, Unity, Danice, Med-Link, SMW4, GWEN, CAMring, Nava1, MAC, I2I, EAC2, Dishnet, Apollo, GlobaLink, Flag Atlantic, Flag, China USA, SMW3, Western Link HVDC, Atlantic Crossing, INELFE Biscay Gulf Western Interconnector HVDC, Walney Wind Farm Extension HVAC cable crossings, Aquind Cross-Channel HVDC, SSEN Orkney to Scotland, Jupiter (Japan to USA), GreenLink (UK-Ireland) HVDC, Havhingsten UK-Ireland, IFA2 (cross channel), 2Africa (Mediterranean), Eastern Link Lot 1 HVDC (Torness to Seaham) and other projects ongoing...

No two cable related projects are the same; no two cable installers are the same.  The skill is to take best practices from each cable project and learn from them. The importance of working with others cannot be underestimated; often one of the best maxims to apply is 'you don't know what you don't know'.  The emphasis in all works conducted by CP Geo-Services Ltd is integrity and professionalism.  


Clients worked for and projects worked on in this sector include the following:

ABB, Alcatel Lucent (ASN), Atlas Professionals, Atlantic Super Connector, Arup, Aquind, Balfour Kilpatrick, Blue Transmission, BT Marine, BT, BSSE, Cable and Wireless Marine, Cable and Wireless Plc, Centrica, Deepocean, Edge Network Services Ltd, Element Power, Facebook, Farice, Flag, Fujitsu, FrontierPower, Global Marine Systems, Global Crossing, Guernsey Electricity, Huawei Marine Networks, Telekom Indonesia, International Telekom, Intertek, IFA2, KDDI, MainOne, MWaves, National Grid, Nemo Link, NTT Communications Corporation, PacNet, Pelagian Ltd, Red Penguin Associates Ltd, RES, RWE, Smartwind, SSE, SSEN, Telesecure Ltd, Tennet, Tyco (Tycom, TESubCom), 

Vodafone, Western Link












Deep Sea (5000m +) cable route design through the Emperor Seamount Chain, North Pacific, July 2018













3D imagery of routing through Emperor Seamount Chain, North Pacific, July 2018













    Route Optimisation using 3D imagery for design review, North Pacific, July 2018


Jupiter Cable Route System.  Purchasers' Representative responsible for Route Engineering design optimisation and approval.  Contractor TE SubCom/EGS Asia Ltd; vessel  RV Geo ResolutionClient NTT Communications Corporation, Japan, June to August 2018














Use of MakaiPlan in optimising cable routing in areas of complex seabed terrain

Sulawesi Maluku Papua Cable Route Survey (SMPCS2).  Cable Route Engineer responsible for supervising shallow and deep water survey acquisition and route optimisation.  Contractor Fugro Survey Ltd. Pte Singapore; vessel M/V Fugro Supporter.  Client, Indonesia Telekom/Alcatel-Lucent (ASN) Greenwich, August to September 2015













Gulf of Aden regional bathymetry collected to optimise cable routing in complex terrain with numerous third party cables to negotiate

Sea-Me-We 4 cable system, Singapore to Suez.  CP Geo-Services provided a  Purchasers' Representative offshore supervising pre-installation deepwater survey works  Route design and engineering, contract management and compliance analysis. Client, Verizon Business (UK), 2004


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